A Mail to Medanta- the Medcity, Gurgaon

Please recall the telephonic Conversation, I wish to place on record for the benefit of Dr. Trehan.

  • You are in so much awe of the Dignitaries & Politicians visiting your Hospital that you have been blissfully subjected the Common Man & the Patients to Atrocities such as Discrimination on the basis of their Political Status.
  • It would be worthwhile to note that the Consultation Fee is no less for the Ordinary Patients who constitute the Major Portion of the visitors. It is because of them that the Dignitaries or Leaders happen & not vice- versa.
  • You allow only 20secs for the Common Man Patient to get down of the Vehicle..!! He being a patient; deserves some relaxation on time factor.
  • The Common Man Patient is supposed to wait till the attendant goes 300mtrs away to park the Vehicle & comeback in an anxiety since the Patient is trying to be all by himself till then.
  • The not so Common Man is allowed to park his Complete Caravan right outside the Hospital Building Porch- maybe he has THE RIGHT to be a patient or accompany one i.e., only the not so Common Man is considered to be a PATIENT.
    1. You ought to have provided Valet Service for Car Parking of Ordinary Attendants-Patients visiting the Hospital as well.
    2. It is really wonderful to note that the Common Man is subjected to such inconvenience wherein they are being treated as Minions.
    3. How on earth is the Patient (Common Man) expected to walk till the Hospital Building when he is a PATIENT?
    4. May I ask does his Endurance Ability increases being a Common Patient or is it that only the Not- Common Man is considered to be a Patient.
    5. Your Arrangement as in the Hospital is a sheer Criminality that you have been committing on day to day basis. Such discrimination of Patients or Human is itself a Cruelty & against the Fairness to all Being.

May I AT THE LEAST expect a reply failing which I would be forced to circulate the above content to create support against your PRACTICE of APEASEMENT?

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