Another Social Apathy

The HT City today has an article that reads-

Dress well, darling

Celeb Transgenders say unlike Laxmi, they’ve been welcomed into clubs


The incident so happened that a sari- clad transgender Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was insulted & was restricted to enter the Bombay’s posh Gymkhana Club on Sunday.

A few “sophisticated” celebrity cross- dressers who are a permanent fixture on Page 3 commented that she may have not dressed well..!!


The Image is posted after obtaining the due approval from Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

We live in a Society where they have been refused to be recognized ever since we called ourselves “civilized”. Pick up any Form, be it of School Admission or a Job Application or even any University, as far as I am aware of, all it says is Male or Female to mark your sexual identity. It doesn’t give any extra or other categories to even point out as “others” though I strongly feel they need to be recognized as they are & may be called as Transvestites/Transgenders or whatever the politically correct terms are.

Sylvie & Bobby Darling have both made a celebrity status & are star icons in their own respect. They also would have fought their share of battle in this Society & may be still are, however they now being famous & known also much across the “happening crowd”, do their opinion really justify or even matter? Whatever happened to the Dress Sense of the scantily clad figures? Mr. M.D. Gupta from Friends Club at Friends Colony (W) says that they are categorical about not allowing membership or entry to cross- dressers.. I wish to scream- WHY?

Isn’t the very fact itself a violation of respecting Human Individuality? As long as they or it (any of their aspects) doesn’t offend anyone, why are they being discriminated like Outcastes or maybe even worse since even the Scheduled Castes are Scheduled & have their seats reserved under various Quota across the sections. Minorities enjoy the other privileges extended to them. I’m not at all saying that that’s enough or that everyone gets to seek the benefit- I’m trying to point out on the fact that why the Eunuchs or Transgenders or the Cross- Dressers not even accepted to be even existing.

Just what is the definition of INHUMAN or HUMANITY? Several Save Animal projects are being run by the Humankind itself who have pathetically failed on accepting the Existence of a or few other sexes.. Just what is wrong with them whereby they are being treated & acknowledged as not even a Living Being. Even Plants are considered to be a living being- when would Eunuchs be??

Please do not harp about the Legality that Homosexuals won in HC recently, what about from the time that they are born till they reach their sexual maturity? What do their parents fill in the Hospital Child Card; or do they even get to sit in the schools in the wake of the Social Laughter that they have become- COURTESY US. Why are we so snob headed & dumb faced about them?? Even then, the Law or the verdict that they have won upon only says that the adults in consensual homosexual relationship cannot be discriminated against. That’s about it. It hasn’t won Eunuchs any right of being recognized & their sex being notified on any Forms as such.

A few of us may point out to their Loud Gestures or their Money Extracting Gimmicks in Marriages & Social Ceremonies etc. but what options are they left with to sustain their existence? We have what is best called closed our eyes and denied both ourselves, and them of the Reality of their very Existence.

I’m glad we have been able to reach at a point wherein we now talk about their going to Social Places or even participating in Fashion Walks- Thanks to Celina Jetley for picking up something that is really called for- for long. If we really try looking for the definition or their condition of being, it’s a critical state of Sexual Identity under Medical Terminologies. Some are a Medical Condition by birth; Homo sexuals may have picked it up as their Individuality – whatever may be- why aren’t Eunuchs being recognized as THE THIRD SEX? Homosexuality is looked down upon on “Moral Grounds”.. What is MORALITY? Denying someone’s rights, individuality & even existence..? Anyways, who defines it? Help me with the definition- someone please??

These are 2 broad based issues-

1)      The born Hermaphrodites (wikipedia would give the details under- HIJRA)

2)      Gay/ Lesbian Rights or right to practice homosexuality

I sincerely wish & hope that these issues would be picked up soon by the concerned or the ones able to drive across it as an Evolution Demand & not put them under our Social Carpet of Being Civilized anymore.

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