Airtel telling on us..

This Email was marked to,, & on Monday, December 28, 2009 2:23 PM.. NO REPLIES HAVE BEEN RECEIVED TILL DATE EXCEPT FOR THE AUTO RECEIPT/DELIVERY OF OUR MAIL. Only a verbal apology from the collection agency, mind it this was when we had made an excess payment & nothing was due to them.
(Watch out for this space; I would post yet another AIRTEL Legend soon)


This is to put on record the nuisance that you so are to your customers

At the outset, I wish to mention that being in Service Industry, you lack Business Ethics..

  • The Nodal Officer’s contact numbers are perpetually busy; & hence remains UNCONTACTABLE FOR ALL TIMES
  • The Customer Service Reps can neither speak English nor understand Hindi..!!
  • Serving the customer, or attending to the customer never happens within the time period so followed by every other Telecom Company. & if that’s not enough, the reps don’t hesitate to lie to “make the customers happy” & then make the customer sadly realize the miserable condition that they so warmly put them in.

Here’s just one of my agonies with your Company:

  • 2 days back, 2 local looking guys in their early twenties kept ringing the Door Bell from the Building Gate without pause..
  • They completed their entire conversation screaming from the Ground Floor, I stay on the 2nd floor.
  • One of them had kept his helmet on like a shy teenage boyfriend who is aware of himself being at fault & hence ashamed to show his face & admit to be a man.
  • To say that this was far from being decent would be an understatement.
  • They kept insisting they were from Airtel (sic) & produced no document to justify or prove.
  • They claimed that our landline- 4378561 (Gurgaon) is disconnected!!
  • Upon retaliating rudely, they coughed up a cell number- 9210698395 & 9350657307.
  • Upon enquiry; it belonged to some Mr. Khan, from City Tradelink & those guys had come for “Recovery”; I fail to understand of what.
  • This was not only embarrassing for me as the entire Colony stood spectator to their behaviour & mannerisms of those chaps but also, humiliating to understand that being an Airtel customer I should be ready to subject myself to such non- sensical treatment by all & anyone.

Please understand that your failure to reply to this email communication with a justified explanation within 24 hrs, would only go against your Company as I won’t hesitate to forward my apathy to TRAI.

Really, don’t wish to write-



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