Congratulations Sania..

Here we are labeling Sania Mirza Black & Red about her marriage, her dressing up & make up (HT City again) in her event. Do all know that-

Now, picture this. A very popular Actor went ahead & converted to Islam to marry a then leading actress as Hindus were & still not allowed a second marriage. He had married her while his first wife was still alive.

Haven’t we idolized both of them being aware of? Nevermind, the Society may not have been so non- ignorant- what about it now?

Can she be now shown some respect please be Congratulated for her Union with Shoaib or at least left alone?

An Afterthought: She has been holding her Clutch that the Fashion Gurus didn’t appreciate; her Clutch & her wish. Period.

News in @HT City & Brunch- 18th April, 2010

3 responses to “Congratulations Sania..

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  2. Well said, I really like the last line, her clutch her wish period.

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