Media & Education

Active Journalism- Ever heard of the coinage?

There is so much going on around us in terms of movements, initiatives & developments, then why are they only bothered about which Khanna bought a Hermes Bag & which celeb bought which IPL Team..

The Reporters seem to have too much time by their side; something that’s a rare commodity for someone who appreciates & believes in action. Or maybe they have run out of News. Any one out there whoever says so please feel free to contact me; Ill give you fodder for your columns. Don’t worry, I am not trying to get my Writes across to you, Ill give you exactly what our Country needs at this time.

Awareness. The Media can make it or break it. Why can’t it be used for Mass communication- exactly what it is; & for?

Next time, you stop by any Signal, just try & look around the children begging there. Think- why they are there & boy haven’t we taken them for granted! No, I’m not trying to pickup on the street kids today yet. I’m trying to focus on both Media & Education.. Sounds repetitive? But then, exactly what have we done about it yet? Why Studies & Education is not being made Mandatory no matter what? How come state Ministers are able to stand up against it & presenting Objections? Alas, if only they themselves were educated enough to understand!

Law Enforcement is 2 different words. If we take care of the Enforcement part, the Law would be taken care of on its own. But it seems that the Rules & Law is meant to be broken here.

Let Government set it up as a Project & deploy Volunteers, who would just pick the street kids; the family to the Reformatory, make them understand what it is to be educated & also provide them a source of Income, as well as enroll them for free compulsory Basic Education. Now, it won’t be a pint easy & I can assure all of that. Let me suggest something else; something that I am practicing with much, much criticism from all & rigidity from my Maid. The day she had started to work for me, I asked her where all she worked, to which she had started dancing her hands up in the air to point out the houses. I sternly told her that she needs to know their names at the least; & I too, gave her my name. In a week’s time she made it a practice & for a period of 11 months that she jointly worked at others’ houses, she would address them by their names (She works for me full- time now). A couple of days later she told me that she was to marry her daughter off by next year & that she would have to slog it to make that kind of money; her daughter was all of 11 yrs of age! It took me exactly 12 months to make her understand the illegality & incorrectness of that Practice; it’s an ongoing process, will not yield any result in days. I’m glad she has understood it for good. Alongwith, I kept persuading her to put the kids in the school; 3 of the 5 being girls- which she relented & I just was in the process of giving up on her. Yes it is very tiring to talk to someone who is from a backward village, has been like that since generations, is illiterate & knows nothing about worldly wise..!! She still thinks these actors change so quickly during the Dance Numbers!! Where she stays also constitute of people of the same Order. Nevermind, I went ahead & got her Affidavits from the Court, admitted the kids in the school- I filled in their forms myself & followed it up regarding any other help- monetary & otherwise. Viola! The girls ranked 2nd in their respective classes. Mind you they hadn’t read English in Bihar.

If someone so Judgemental– like me could do it, so can every one else. Infact, I’m still working on with other changes. Of course I told her what would be the consequences & how her daughter would also have to slog & how they would also speak bad about her- the way she does for her parents. It wasn’t an easy job & I have to do the exercise after every 10 days’ time.  Yes, that’s how one has to be persuasive about it. Didn’t our parents literally sit on our back for the entire school period years? Don’t you on your children’s back?

Oh maybe, they should be left like that. My previous apartment’s 1st floor aunty once told me that they should never be bothered with wisdom for their betterment, for then, who would do the cleaning in our houses once all of them get educated? That’s right- Menials should be left to remain so.

Lets see, The Residents Welfare Association should probably gather all the Maids visiting in their houses & explain them the benefits of being educated. They should hold classes every day maybe for an hour’s time. Instead of Kitty Parties, the Ladies at home could utilize this time for this activity. Working Women also can contribute for special sessions on how privileged they feel while working- as per their convenient time. If we being at a Higher Level don’t take any Initiative, no one else would. I am not suggesting they be told to summarise Godan, let them learn the basics, read & write their own particulars, recognize Numbers, speak the English names for Common Household objects. The days, months & years; Festivals, Relevance & Importance. That reminds me, this Sonia didn’t even know that there was a Year or Calender system that all of us follow- as in this is 2010, next would be 2011..!! That’s right, don’t give them History, Geography books & expect them to mug up the latitudes, but definitely tell them why Smoking is Injurious, why they should not cover their faces while sleeping & why definitely they should not get beaten up!!

Sonia didn’t have a Gas Table, I gave the Spare one that I had in the 1st 15 days; on her festivals, I bought her Pressure Cooker, Utensils, Buckets, Water Filter & other utility & certainly not any Sweets Box or Loose cash. Her husband would just have taken that from her. Of course the Lady who I had asked to send this woman to me, commented that I was spoiling her. Well, if only we teach them the right Practices then they would learn to do their Jobs in a better way. By the way, Nagina, Sonia’s daughter used to work at her place. Have you heard of Child Labor yet? There, if we stop & stop it real good, we would then be able to turn the situation to a better looking picture.

Let them not learn the incorrect way to earn. Let them read; & media, are you making notes? Instead of showing the Tarot or Feng Shui solutions for people who anyways would get to eat their Square Meal, please cover these events with real statistics & highlight them. Please arrange to telecast them in Government Schools, so the kids comeback & tell their parents exactly what the RWA might also be doing in that area. Yes, it’s a mass initiative & area by area, it can be achieved. Go ahead, sponsor a kid, it doesn’t take much, & it feels very good. Hey! wont you feel nice to set up an example like that whereby with time, they would begin idolizing you..? Trust me, thats how it has become for me.

I am trying to work it out with my Maid & sponsoring her 5 kids, & has told them to do so in turn once they have completed their stidies. Think of the chain link & eruption it will cause. say what- it will take ages? of course it would.. Then, why don’t you suggest something of your own & practice it at a small scale to understand yourself the plausibilities & to explain to others as well?

My Urge to you all, instead of doing odd number of charities, just pick up anyone & try to bring her/him up in the manner I have mentioned here. It won’t be very easy, it certainly isn’t tough.

For Government or NGOs, they can pick up one area at a time & then run the Project of picking up the beggars- apparently 100% may not be the achievement mark, atleast it would be few lesser than that. We need to initiate it atleast to know the Conversion %. What options or avenues do they have other than to sit on road & create nuisance for the People walking there or at the Signals. Mind you, if incase you accidentally happen to hit anyone of them- may be entirely their fault, you would be blamed because you were driving; should have been more diligent. Let’s clear them all from the road & theatre outlets & make it a cleaner walkway.

It’s the Education alone that would eradicate many a problems that we have become Pigeon- headed about (close eyes at the site of a cat)



Violence on Women

A better Future for all

To expect fair treatment towards women, we need to have all of them to be educate; whoever possibly may come in contact with her i.e., everyone. Moreover, if woman herself isn’t educated & aware of the system, what else would she do other than to give in, make compromises, beg out of helplessness- or since she is being forced to; or worse, get into trafficking or worst, get succumbed into it unknowingly.

Why such reality shows can’t be done whereby these women, children are imparted education & is for rest of us to see, learn & adopt the practice? Let one person or family pick up their maid as a project & start with it? Instead of playing Hubby, Wifey & Someone, lets do a “We & our Maid- Lets Educate”, something on these lines. Then,  go & visit their place, gets the kids sit in the school, teach basic mannerisms & so on..

I am criticized by everyone i.e., whoever comes in contact with this information; but then I didn’t stop. Infact, I learnt that it was easier to groom an illiterate woman rather than to shut up or explain the other constantly commenting mouths. Sonia has been to Salon with me a few times- that’s an achievement for her. She had never visited one; much less to know what it was for. On her 1st visit, when she thanked the owner’s daughter while making an exit, everyone peeled off laughing on her, with much dignity, she looked backed at all of them & bid a “Bye”.. & then there was this pin drop silence. Wow!! She done me proud. So, you see how one BYE took care of all the “open mouths”? Kindly make a note here that they have been constantly advising me against it while she was inside getting her job done.

Believe me, I am only a young woman trying to do whatever is possible within my reach to MAKE THAT CHANGE & also TO GET THAT CHANGE REGISTERED; something that our Government & Society ought to do in large scale & media be the telecaster to all. Let there be some serious Rulings for Compulsory Basic Education.

Let’s just not harp upon the Eating Joint that a celeb may have opened & how not very nicely were the guests dressed. They are that, are successful, have enough money & just know how to make more. They would not want to leave their money making Agendas to come down to a level of even-not-a-common-man. Not only Media would have to stop putting across such redundant news, but also have to highlight the activities- revolving around efforts of common man to raise others to a common platform.. It needs to be a combined effort.

The illiterate & ignorant people that we have in plenty around us are all Flash- Bulbs; we just need to provide the current to eradicate the Darkness around. Just flowing up the cash wouldn’t do it, there has to be an initiative- personal enough to cause an Affect.

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