Who let the Dogs out??


With due respect to all Canine Lovers & Owners, I post it here for the others to understand that feeding dogs on street would not bless their souls. It has become a nuisance walking down the street for an evening stroll or morning walk since the wagging tongues would start following you as if you were a criminal. If you try to shoo them away, they’ll start what is called barking & there you go- the huge group of colony street dogs would all gather together, all 15 of them & would communally bark at you. Your only escape, the one feeding them comes & “quiets” them down. You were only trying to walk down a few steps that you had been procrastinating for a while & had barely managed to come out of the apartment Gate!!

Agreed, uncle you love them & cannot bear the sight of the poor canines starving on road- might as well adopt one then..? Whatever has happened to our values? Instead of adopting orphans & securing their future; inturn securing the overall future of the country & women, we have ended up buying Foreign breeds for a ransom? Yup, the pooch looks cute in your arms instead of the branded Bag that’s now a passé maybe. Anyways, what’s the guarantee that the adopted kid would return your favor? But then, do your own biological kids do that anymore? Maybe the street dog would & the expensive pooch would also..

  • Do all know that Dogs too are abused for their appearance; & creation of new breeds?
  • They seem to have only reduced to being the Status symbol of the Wealth Flaunters & have very little to do with Love for Animal or any such bill sh*t
  • Let them wander around in their natural habitat & breed around whichever way they find wonderful; why are we leaving our own bed- rooms & getting into the Canines’ Sex Act?
  • Are we done with Parenting our children both biological & adopted?
  • Now that our children settle down for Love Marriages, are we trying to be the canine’s matchmaker- NO THANKS- this is what every one of them would reply.

Developing the Miniature Dachshund. The animal is unable to carry its weight on its legs & suffer of consistent pain sometime resulting in acute bone dislocation.

English Bulldogs are bred to have large skin folds. These skin folds then develop dermatitis- a bacterial or yeast infection that becomes a pain to treat for the poor “animal” & the owner too; that exactly what we are treating him as by doing so..

Designer Dogs- A very fancy & cruel coinage for Cross- Breeding. It has been established that the more we continue to breed the dogs for aesthetic & superficial qualities, the greater the risk they face of suffering of health and behavioral problems. The problems with limited gene pools have also been well documented, & studies have shown that even the best-bred dogs still carry at least one deleterious recessive gene. Puggles, Cockapoo. Goldendoodle & Labradoodles are only a few of them. What fancy terminology!

Instead of getting into the process of Natural Evolution & jinx it up forever, can we not pick up the prevailing Societal Issues?

Maybe not.. Humans like new things; diversity seemingly being the only consistent factor.

& definitely, we like to venture into everything without resolving the already pending ones.


Like I said before, take responsibility. Instead of doing unknown number of odd charities, pick up one & bring it up!! I see people with 5- 6 of those foreign breeds (poor them) taken out for walk. The larger the number of cars in the porch; the greater would be the number of those “wolfies” being chained across. The brand of the cars owned would also determine the breed of the dogs too. That’s exactly how they look like. The poor old woman; she was helplessly thrown down the road by those running ones. The domestic could definitely not control all 5 of them when they charged at the Woman!! So maybe, even people are not meant to be for this Society. How we are getting an animal to live with us & letting him to rule our day-to-day lives. Television, Cinema, Internet & now Canines- the latest “IN” Trend.

I am often told- Don’t be scared- It won’t say anything.. Of course- it won’t- Bark & worse, Bite it will; & does.

I got to cover “My Dog Bite” up in my 12th Biology Project is a different story all together. Oh it was a domesticated one; better still an acquainted one, thanks to him. Mom was a Canine & Feline Lover; used to eat out from the same plate!! On a personal note, I can’t stand the road dirt & paws up in my house. Call me one but I am a Cleanliness Freak.. I have seen my friends treating their dog as a family member- feels good. I have also seen the neighborhood Labs walking with stockings for their stroll- now, this is what I happen to be appreciative of. My problem is with those feeding the street dogs, it’s like giving the beggar undue alms & showing him a wrong path. Wonder, who else is responsible for increasing number of beggars & street dogs! Please don’t initiate anything that you cannot carry on consistently. We have no right to set up their expectations & cause problems to them & all. They end up becoming a Nuisance.

  • What society is it reflective of when we have Beggars all around?
  • What Animal Love & Care are we referring to when there are several of those street dogs barking up every passerby & vehicle?

The Middlepath- Get pigeonheaded (close your eyes).

What a start of my Day happens to be– I go down to pick my Newspaper from the Gate Grill downstairs, & I get to see those ugly sick set of dogs moving around in my Garden. The adjoining building neighbors feed them & since the wall between the 2 buildings is low, they take great pride in moving around my building claiming their space. That just reminds me here- haven’t you seen how some of them claim their spaces & don’t move even at a sight of approaching vehicle? Try walking down your colony with a polythene bag without being pounced upon. Chase is all they are upto giving the pedestrian walkers. The previous apartment’s 1st floor auntie, who believed menials are never to be educated or else who would slog at our houses- welcomed all 8 of them & made them rest in our staircase. Wish they go back to the village they had come from & take these along with!!

Why do they not adopt the street dogs instead of buying the poor foreign breeds that are never able to cope up with the weather here?

If money is what can buy everything, then, why do we not adopt children instead of those fancy Designer Breeds (read abused Canines); maybe, because they would question back if we don’t care for them in the manner they so deserve?

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One response to “Who let the Dogs out??

  1. some very important points raised but without much thought put into it.

    1. Stray animals:- Its the government’s responsibility to keep a chcek on their population by sterilising them. Its the govt. & citizens responsibility to not litter so that stray animals dont feed on the garbage & cause health issues as well as accidents.

    People should be encouraged to adopt animals but adoption is a very serious step becuase you need, 1st, money to be able to afford an animal with responsibility, 2nd, the time to take care of an animal and 3rd, space to keep the animal, therefore many people prefer to feed the hungry animals who also have equal right to space, movement and survival. On the contrary, Its us who have encroached every open space, every jungle, every natural habitat of every animal to make roads, malls, houses, footpaths, infrastructure, agriculture to meet our needs. The earth belongs to all & we have to learn to co-exist.

    2. Illegal puppy mills and illegal breeding needs to be stopped. People need to be more responsonsible towards society and their pets by giving basic obedience training to their pets and not let their pets poop or litter or show aggressive behaviour.

    3. Adopting a human child and a pet is like comparing cheese and chalk. You need to own a dog and have a baby to understand my point. I say this becuase I have both. Its a very (sorry to use the word) silly thing to suggest someone to adopt a baby instead of an animal. Both are different ballgame all together.

    Since you write so well I expect more well thought of posts from you rather than random rantings and mediocre posts.

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