Khushboo’s win- The Dawn of Rational Thinking

Read below a few of the articles that would throw more light on the issue that was created out of clear Ignorance and Rigidity to accept day to day facts of our changing times. source: Hindustan Times, several dates


Tamil Actress- Khushboo

The Supreme Court on Wednesday quashed 22 criminal cases registered against Tamil actress Khushboo following complaints against her for making a controversial statement endorsing pre-marital sex and live-in relationships.

A bench headed by Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan scrapped the cases saying her statement was her personal view and the Constitution entitled her to express it as well.

The bench’s judgment came on Khushboo’s petition challenging the 2008 ruling of Madras High Court that had dismissed her plea to scrap the various criminal cases against her. SC respite for Khushboo (HT- 29th April, 2010)

With the apex court giving her a clean chit on Wednesday, southern actress Khushboo said she stood by her comments on pre-marital sex and live-in relationships and that celebrities were pinned down for no rhyme or reason.

“When you look around, every celebrity is pinned down for no rhyme or reason and that is quite a harassment,” Khushboo told NDTV in an interview. “I knew what I had spoken…it’s not an easy task for a woman to stand alone and say ‘I believe in what I have spoken’,” she added.

The Supreme Court Wednesday dismissed criminal cases against Tamil actress Khushboo for making a controversial statement endorsing pre-marital sex and live-in relationships. I believe in what I said: Khushboo (HT- 28th April, 2010)
Bored to death by politics, cricket, news of accidents, murders, rapes and speeches of netas, the nation woke up to the rumours of a romance possibly leading to a matrimonial alliance between Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. She is as beautiful as beauty can be. He is an up-and-coming actor, His father, Amitabh Bachchan, is a phenomenon of our times. Besides being a most versatile actor, he is a good man. In my chauvinistic mood I attribute this goodness and humility to his Sikh mother. Jaya’s father was my friend and drinking companion. My joy on hearing the rumour is understandable. Stars in my eyes (HT- 24th February, 2006)


It sat me thinking why at all she had to undergo such unwanted trouble? Conjugal Sex happens to be a very natural phenomenon. I mean what would you do if you are not married?  Obtain a paper with Formal Permission printed over it- or may be not. Issuance of such documentation would be forbidden- if at all; isn’t it?

In today’s time, when the average age of marriage has gone up due to the lifestyle reasons; how is one expected to sustain- just by mast**bation? What Legality do we attain after a certain age i.e., 18? Only become adult by suppressing all physical desires? When we talk about a “Matured Individual”, is he barred of his sexuality?

The Institution of Marriage was only to safeguard the interest of the Parties involved; but then how much of that been has achieved? So, when a certain institution or conceptualization doesn’t guarantee of the greater or the important provisions, how relevant does that remain then?

On second thoughts, wouldn’t the rate of False Marriages too go up? After the fake emotional hookups or false promise of marriages; there would be ways found to even commit one. Who knows this may be silently going on someplace or many places? Why are we going back to pre- historic era instead of evoluting further? This whole notion of pre- marital sex or the brouhaha around it, aren’t we denying ourselves the very right of being a Human Being?

We being a Human Being that we are- why are we up to creating stilts for our own cohabitation?

I mean, is marriage a license? With marriage comes a series of other changes, responsibilities and developments. One has to be prepared for it. It isn’t that- that one fine day you get married because you want to enjoy sex.. How sensible does it sound? We are human, have a body attached to it and have timings of its own. Laws are meant to be HUMANE enough and supportive of Evolution; it need not be “BINDING” all the time. I wonder if it is in sync with the Society that we so are a part of. It really doesn’t have to be linked with certain ir- relevant conditions that it is now. Yes! It is still a taboo to talk of Sex without Marriage. It takes one to know one.

Instead, why have we forgotten about Marital Rape and Rape as such? And if Marriage is a guarantee or a license, it ought to be taking care of other issues as well. However, the truth is that instead of Security that it was so conceptualized for; it breaks a woman completely if doesn’t work out. She gets labeled as a Home- Breaker. No, that’s not enough, even with that new name, the society doesn’t accept her, instead, the Divorcee (if she is courageous and lucky i.e.,) is harassed by all and sundry. She becomes a “Public Item”. And even if she may not a courageous one or failed by circumstances as most of the times; she is subjected to Domestic Violence. That’s right- Marriage also brings in Domestic Violence to a greater extent. There certainly could be violence at the Maternal Home too; however, the other is prevalent more like a Norm, it seems.

While I am not advocating against being married; I am also not to accept the no-marriage-no-sex thing.

As long as one knows of what one may be doing and have protection against any unwanted outcome or infection, just whose business is it? Why are we taking pride in getting into or rather stopping people of their Bedroom Life? Are we done with the Issues of Bigamy, Domestic Violence, Rapes and Marital Rapes yet?

If sex without marriage is an Offence, I am several times an Offender. It’s a shame, perhaps we have not yet become civilized enough to understand the very basic necessities of our own being.

We need to stop de- evoluting.. NOW


One response to “Khushboo’s win- The Dawn of Rational Thinking

  1. wow very well put. I also keep wondering what was all the hoopla around Khushboo’s statement. I mean she did not say anything utterly strange or foreign. Reality is we are a bunch of prudish hypocrites…

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