Gender Binary System and its “Off- Springs”

Disclaimer: While utmost care has been exercised in avoiding terminologies that would dishonor anyone’s feelings, practice, orientation or belief; inclusion of any such word should be treated as purely un- intentional. Should you come across any offending term; the same should be notified of at the earliest so the necessary changes could be made. Apologies in advance, for such Commitance; if any. Images have not been included on purpose; we do know how Humans look like. Thoughts expressed here are of a mind with straight orientation. Since, I strongly dispute the “Sex” as Identity referrer; I have used the term “species” to define the different Human Being groups.


Teens gay, society pedophilic: Bishop

Source: TOI, 7th May, 2010

RIO DE JANEIRO: A Brazilian archbishop said adolescents are “spontaneously homosexual” and in need of guidance, while society at large is pedophile, according to a report.

Archbishop Dadeus Grings — a conservative priest who has made controversial statements in the past — told the O Globo newspaper at a Brazilian bishops conference that society’s woes are being reflected in the sex abuse scandal enveloping the Roman Catholic Church. “Society today is pedophile, that is the problem. So, people easily fall into it. And the fact it is denounced is a good sign,” Grings told O Globo.

The comments come as the church is under fire for a sex abuse scandal touching all corners of the globe.
“We know that the adolescent is spontaneously homosexual. Boys play with boys, girls play with girls,” he said. “If there is no proper guidance, this sticks. The question is — how are we going to educate our children to use a sexuality that is human and suitable?”

Last year, he outraged Jews by saying, “more Catholics than Jews died in the Holocaust, but this isn’t known because the Jews control the world’s media.”


What nonsense? Exactly that it is.

It seems we have a pet peeve of linking Religion, Sex, Orientation and Politics all together. Do the definitions of such term even collide with each other at a tangent? To begin with, are the definitions clear to all? Or maybe, do the correct definitions even exist? Let me use their “peeve” of linking and get to find some answers.

I had not needed the above article to pen down my thoughts, only it reflects on our MODERN DAY system and thoughts.

Gender Binary System

A term, that has been raging me up ever since I learnt about its redundant practical implications and theoretical existence.

  • I wondered before this that why only “Male” and “Female” terms were acceptable and in practice?
  • What would the other than Male and Female constitute to or rather why the Transgenders and the Transsexuals were left out?
  • And last but not the least, why the women are subjected to cruelties such as Rapes, Domestic Violence, Gender Discrimination, Marital Rapes etc? The list is too long to be included here; picked up only a few.

I have tried to formulate an explanation that has been now sitting on my grey cells for the past few days and splitting them.

Definition of Gender Binary System

Unfortunately, a pattern that all of us have been following and have embraced through centuries, does not have a definition dedicated to it. This is what Wikipedia says; though has been edited at places:

(For the actual matter on the subject, click on “Wikipedia” above)
  • The Gender Binary is the classification of sex and gender into only two distinct and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine complementary to each other. It can be described as social boundary that has restricted people from crossing or mixing gender roles, or from creating a third or any other form of gender expression altogether. It also represents some of the prejudices which stigmatize intersex and transgender people.
  • The term describes the system in which a society divides people into only male and female gender roles, gender identities and attributes. Gender role is one aspect of a Gender Binary. Every known society has used the Gender Binary to divide and organize people, though the ways this happen differs among societies. A universal aspect of the Gender Binaries is that women give birth. Gender binaries exist as a means of bringing order, though some argue that Genders Binaries divide and polarize society. Certain notable religions are often used as authorities for the justification and description. Islam, for example, teaches that mothers are the primary care givers to their children and Catholics only allow males to serve as their priests.
  • Exceptions have widely existed to the Gender Binary in the form of transgender people. Besides the biological identification of intersexuals, elements strictly of the opposite sex have been taken by people biologically female and male such as two-spirited Native Americans and hijra of Indians. In the contemporary West, transgender break the gender binary in the form of Gender Queer, Drag Queens, and Drag Kings. Transsexuals have a unique place in relation to the Gender Binary because they transition from one side of the Gender Binary to the other.

Any one who is even a little bit sensitive, should have found flaws upon plain reading about such a System by now.

Gender Deconstruction

Yet another highly debatable sensitive issue that no one would want to talk about and rightly so. What is a Gender to begin with? What are its attributes? And why is certain specific behavior expected out of specific Human beings? (eg, boys don’t cry; women do, men don’t dress up in skirts or saree and feminine dresses. There is yet another thing here- what is “feminine”, the Nature of a person or the strong and visual display of such “values” in Expressions?)

Definition of Gender Deconstruction

A nice theory I picked up (source: Wikipedia)

Gender studies is a field of interdisciplinary study which analyzes the phenomenon of gender. Gender studies is sometimes related to studies of class, race, ethnicity, sexuality and location. (A mix of different sciences again)

The philosopher Simone de Beauvoir said: “One is not born a woman, one becomes one.” In gender studies, the term “gender” is used to refer to the social and cultural constructions of masculinities and femininities, not to the state of being male or female in its entirety. The field emerged from a number of different areas: the sociology of the 1950s and later (see Sociology of gender); the theories of the psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan; and the work of feminists such as Judith Butler.

Each field came to regard “gender” as a practice, sometimes referred to as something that is performative. Feminist theory of psychoanalysis, articulated mainly by Julia Kristeva (the “semiotic” and “abjection”) and Bracha Ettinger (the “matrixial trans-subjectivity” and the “primal mother-phantasies”), and informed both by Freud, Lacan and the Object relations theory, is very influential in gender studies.

Conclusion: Any deviation from the assigned roles as defined under the Gender Binary system would lead to Gender Deconstruction. (viola..!!)

Aren’t we ourselves shackling our own toes with such beliefs? Why pulling up carts would consider Gender deconstruction? Women are supposed to be the home- keepers, cook and dress up and do what?  Get beaten up by the same man who would then force himself upon her? We love to dress up, yes we do; but for ourselves. We feel good and not to attract undue and unpleasant attention. Like they say, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder; similarly, it all in your mind if you see nudity or vulgarism if I wear a off- shoulder dress. Probably, we should also make passé on the Men who dress shabbily and nurse a pot belly. Jokes apart, I see so many of these husbands wearing a t- shirt and shorts with their wives dressed in either salwar- kameez or sarees for evening walks. Why such discrimination? Maybe, because Women should dress up decently.

Proposed theory of Evolution of Gender Binary System (and it’s off- springs)

  • It is only a (present day) woman who would be highly affected if subjected to forced intercourse. However strong she mentally be, she still runs a 100% risk of conceiving through it. Other sexes are not known to exhibit this property (or malfunction)
  • Transgenders are neither a complete man (as per the definition of one), nor a woman. They may be as aggressed as the Male species, but do not reproduce at large. I researched some and found out that any transvestite “she- male” as the slang goes by, who produces live- sperm can impregnate women.
  • Transsexuals relatively swing between being identified as a Man and Woman (thanks to our obsolete Gender Binary System) and hence, they may or not appreciate Male as a counterpart.

That leaves with the Women species.

  • As described in the 1st point, it’s a woman who conceives and takes the progeny forward (so far, as on date).
  • Genetically, woman have 2 X- chromosomes, which means she would by default support her own species, which I am proud to mention of here. (Sadly enough, she was and still is the best tool against her own individuality.)

Keeping all the above mentioned points in mind, Male species must have tried to find out a way to sustain their own Human Race- as in the Male species, thinking themselves to be superior of all. Sadly, it’s the Male species that produce by and large the fertile sperms. The Transgenders don’t produce and Males run an equal risk of getting themselves forced down upon by one of them. In turn, Men would fail to show the transgender down by forcing themselves on them. So, outcasting them was inevitable to have happened.

  • Since, They could not take their species forward on their own and learnt in pretty fast, they wanted a woman to stand as the Reprogenerator (Reproduce + Progeny Generator; a term I have put here that means something that has the quality to reproduce and hence can be “utilized” for the particular function alone to the maximum benefit to its disadvantage).
  • It also seems that Men must have found out about the chromosome factor long back, though in their own crude and un- scientific terminology and explanation, and so all the cruelties like Foeticide, Sex determination Act, pressurizing the woman for a boy and even denouncing girl children have been prevalent in our Society since time immemorial. A few scientific methods may have been the century’s development, but the unscientific adaptations have existed in every house- hold with married women for centuries. How would the elder women know by the physical appearance of a pregnant woman if she carried a girl or a boy in her womb? The monthly period is such a pain to all women; the elderly women still shy away from educating their children and grand- daughters even now. God help us if we still are not educating our children about Sex. Why then is “conceiving” such a joy all across the neighborhood and relatives when it is only a result of (Oh my God) Sex? What happens to the orthodox society now pronouncing a “woman being pregnant” every now and then? And especially when women only conceive if they bleed. Quite literally..!!

Let me also talk about something here that (once again) we have simply broomed under the carpet. What about the women do who do not bleed? Yes, it a genetic disorder, but do all know that they are outcasted too? I am yet to come across a shaadi special site (matrimonial sites), who register these women. But, are they considered as women at all?

To keep the Male species springing in deep greens, women were- I am sorry, still are subjected to men’s atrocities. They have been and are still being captivated in house. Child Marriage is a little deeper than we understand. Poor uneducated villagers may commit it to pass off their “burden”, but now it roots down to yet another reason. Why not women be “put under” a man right at the very beginning? This faith also doesn’t hold biological parents as parents caring enough to be called as parents at all. They are only her generator and firmly believe that to condition a woman according to the Male species’ Law for their own propagation, it is very important to make them as a subject or rather an object to a man.

Subjecting them to a typical behavior, forcing them to get pregnant no sooner she delivers, and then killing the girl child; the women gets “shaped up” as per the defined guidelines of the Males of the Society. The kids married at before teens, get dependent on their husbands for all their emotional, psychological and parental care needs. And with no conscious exposure to parental care, they don’t even get to know what it is like; hence, they force the same dictums on their children also. Children’s growing up years is the most impressionable of all the life years. Girls’ being helplessly subjected to a particular “behavior” would not only condition them for their lives, but also set standards for the future generation.

Women were and are still deprived of basic literacy and education lest they find out- how things are only to facilitate a Man’s being, and then, may want to change them. Their venturing out would be equivalent to finding out the facts (again). Letting them socialize, mingle or even talk, much less openly would again seed questions in their mind that would shake her equilibrium. She may then want to find out answers.

Why working women are still not considered as Ideal match? Why parenting means a dedicated mother to the child? Why mothers are only “attached” to their kids? Why fathers are always synonymous with Rules and hence considered the stricter of the two? Simple, because- the Society has been conditioned as such under the Gender Binary System. Rulings to Identity, Orientation, Roles, Attributes, Behavior and to consider Men as “Lord” are all defined. Perhaps, this system was created and forced upon the Society by Men in prehistoric era. Remember, how History taught us that the woman used to cook and care for children and men went out to hunt? Need is the mother of Invention; I am sure women would have learnt hunting.

Domestic Violence, Child Marriage, Girl Foeticide, Marital Rape, Rape, Women Illiteracy even need for Women Empowerment are it’s a few of many off- springs.

Working women are also under constant threat of discrimination and violation at their workplace; single women are synonymous with “available for all”. It’s the instinct that we have successfully passed on for generations by subjecting ourselves to this arrangement. Would it be considered derogatory if I was not Homely and the man across the street may be? Would my denial to portray myself under the defined layout for women and making others aware of such convention constitute my Crime under Gender Deconstruction?

Marriage now seem to have an entirely different definition here; one that I would never commit to.

The practices or the mal- practices have a very deep root that goes to the core and beyond; here’s a trial to explain such.

Ever wondered; Why “conjugal sex” is not discussed about? Why are women termed loose and pressed charges upon their mentioning views on pre- marital sex? Primarily, because- Men had wanted to keep everything under their command. Try and visualize- what if we, now that we finally have, legalize pre- marital consensual sex? Wouldn’t males be then left shitting on the edge since the women would then gain control and not be subjected to atrocities so defined and practiced as Domestic Violence? How justified it is to get married to indulge in intercourse? I won’t have asked this question if I too was married off at 6 years of age and made to conceive by 11. I won’t have been left with time and exposure to harbor these thoughts or try to root back the evolution of our so true- Male Dominated Society.

The term- “Male Dominated Society”, now makes a lot of sense after compiling these thoughts.

What best than a Woman who could be showed down upon at any time by a Male by forcing himself on her and to prove his “manliness”? So, we were taken in as a counterpart, a counterpart only to produce and that’s that.

Eunuchs were kept as house- keepers since they could not declare invasion and start their own dynasty. Infact, the domestics of the Empire or Kingdom were castrated to achieve this level of security and complacence. This also points out that The Male species did that with a purpose, as mentioned here in mind. It suits the Men well and hence, even now, we haven’t made any efforts to give them the place that is so rightfully theirs. Genetic Mal- orders that produce these different groups or species are still not recognized. They are laughed at and children are told to stay away from them. Maybe parents are scared of the fact that they may also do the same with their kids like they had castrated and produced the Eunuchs by and large, for their domestic chores.

The Transgenders are “thrown away” by their own set of parents. They have not been given any Identity. Ditto is the case of Transsexuals, parents and Society disown them at the slightest knowledge of their orientation. We are an educated lot of people, studying Genes and Disorder, or different combinations resulting in different outcomes.. Only we have failed to recognize the living Human Beings under the same branch of Genetic Engineering.

We are so well read; in sync with the changing times and also ahead of our times- only to hop, jump and skip, very literally and practically. Socially or humanly- NEVER; that’s not in our system.

Sex and Identity- Redefinition Required

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6 responses to “Gender Binary System and its “Off- Springs”

  1. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  2. You are touching things that you feel are right or wrong. My quote was only who am I to judge them and disgrace them? I did not say it is OK! I said I don’t treat them that do these things differently like what many people feel is Sin. Who am I Olivia to judge them? If my child changed and became or preferred same sex or bi-sexual relationships must I cast them away from the love I have for them? I have a cousin that is gay should I hate her and remind her that they are sinners and will burn in hell? I cannot do that because I love her as she is and I will never hurt her. When one is Gay and don’t like me because I am not the same as them, that hurts me when they use the same feeling that society has pressed hard on them for being different! I am not God and or a Judge to call them anything other than a respectable family given name. I am tired trying to keep up with orders and quickly read over your comments and the opinions expressed by many views. There is too much here that overlooks my point of view. If you dislike my opinion because you think you are right and I am wrong then you also fall into the trap of the same thing that hurts people deep inside. I have a customer that is male and Gay and he knows I don’t treat him different than others and he feels comfortable around me. I would never hurt him if he was my customer or not. He is a human and I always respect him for his personality not judge him for his sexual preference. Just hope you can understand. I am your friend until you call me down for my opinion. So you point is sexism or gender bias is society’s view? Society are many views and I am only one. And I will not Judge society’s view, it is not my place. John

    • John,
      I appreciate your thoughts and was pretty aware of the same.. I had only wanted you to check the post that is completely based on how I have seen them happening..

      I wish more people subscribe to thoughts and views like yours..
      I too am in the same bracket- you figured that out already..

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