Ramayana Retold

Let the epic be retold.

Scene- The battlefield. Both Lord Rama and Mahajnani Ravana are opposite each other, exhibiting their skills with the bow and arrow. Their choice of weapons, their devastating powers within and the counter- defeat of that; the view was deadly blood- soaked and yet was full of amaze. The sky wasn’t blue any more- it reflected upon the colors of their weapon blaze. It didn’t even seem to be an afternoon- the horizon was red as if the ball of sun was held restricted while setting down..

At the end of the 5th day of that battle; Ravana seemed to have become enlightened. He sat pondering that all he was doing was battling for a futile cause. Sita had not given in- she had stayed firm to her resolution of being devoted to a single man and her husband Rama. Why the hell was he spending his blood and valor on a lost case- he had thought. He had decided to call quits.

Unknowingly, he had hurt Rama’s pride by calling the battle off. He had taken away the opportunity from Rama’s hold to prove his ultimate strength and superiority. Rama was stung. Ravana had apparently given up on his foolish pride; for once.

Devi Sita was sent back with all the honor and respect. Ravana had even invited Rama over to take her along; he had declined to. He was too bitter. He didn’t wish to befriend Ravana ever. Rama’s earlier propositions of striking a cordial note with Ravana; should Sita be “released”, had lay hung in the air.

Sita was received with joy; or was she? She was asked to sit for an Agni- Pariksha. Oh yes, she had to prove upon her chastity. Lo and behold! She refused to. Instead, had walked out. And, I thought that in Hindus, only corpses were burnt in fire.. Nevermind.

She had headed straight to Lanka. What for? Did she want to go “back” to Ravana? Mind you, after all that had happened, Ravana had let her be the way she had wanted to. So now, did she eventually feel for him? NO. She had gone over to meet Bhivishana.. Even Ravana did not lust for Sita anymore.

The News of Sita having walked out on Rama, had traveled far and wide. Chances seemed less that Ravana may not have known of that. He too had not wanted Sita anymore now. Reason, she didn’t belong to Rama anymore that he could have used her as a tool to shown Rama down. Ravana never had loved her.

How different were both men anyways? One had brought her to the jungle soon after her wedding; another one had abducted her and placed her amidst the demons- again in some “vatika?” Was she an animal or better still a bird? Oh maybe. she was a zoo- material; Charles Darwin be contacted.. Sorry, he happened much later. And if that wasn’t enough, she was again thrown out- bag and baggage (she was expecting then), this time by her beloved husband Rama..

Anyways, Sita had made up her mind. While travelling with Vibhishana, she had strategised about all that she had needed to. She had learnt one fact far too well- that that, was a man’s society. So now, she would avenge the two men responsible for her then current status.

Vibhishana had known Ravana’s deficits and Sita had been well versed with Rama’s. For days together, they had planned on an elaborate strategy to defeat both the Kings in vain. Lakshmana had been in touch with Sita, she made a better use of her brother-in-law. She had kept herself updated with what was all up at Ayodhya.

She had to do that. She had felt cheated. 1stly, she was sent on exile soon after her wedding, as if she had committed a Crime by marrying that Maryada Purshottam Bhagwan Sri Rama; only she knew his true colors. If that was not all; to level up his competition with her husband, Lanka AdhiPati Naresh, Lankesh Mahajyani Ravana had abducted her and then further placed in wild. How many more times she could take that insult to her women- hood? She had denied the Royal favors that Ravana was sat to bestow upon. To be equivalent to her husband, she had chosen to stay in the wild!

  • Affluent marriages may not necessarily bring fame

Instead Sita was made to sit through adjustments described far from being humane. What men send women to wild? Insulting your wife to honor your mother; itself is insulting enough to womanhood. If one has agreed to such a condition, (to honor who- so-ever, I don’t care), he is a curse in himself. Wouldn’t his wife be a mother of his child soon? Hypocrites- here’s the definition and an example.

  • Reasons don’t matter; results do
Anyone who begs to differ; think- was Agnipariksha justified? Why do we need Law and Order then? We don’t need a constitution. Let’s then follow- eye for an eye..
  1. Doesn’t matter why Sita may have agreed to accompany Rama; she did. And expressed herself being the ultimate devoted wife that History could ever make (Draupadi, go and kill her, she had made that pathetic thing happen to all women- you had only blindly followed; like your elder mother-in-law Gandhari)
  2. Rama had agreed to take her along- so what even if Sita may have pleaded for that. Why wasn’t her pleas heard when she was thrown out of the kingdom- pregnant? Hypocrites. No, not that. Hypocrites are double faced. Any better word for multifaced- Ravana, perhaps??
  • Marriages MAY always not be the ultimate security for Women
  1. Chances are that you may land up in a jungle and then in further controversies. I have failed to understand that why no- one else has been able to see this message staring on our faces in name of a Religious Epic?
  2. Worse, your own husband would throw you off to wild bewilderment- not once; but often.
  3. WORST, “he” will not fend for you; even when you may have ended up in a jungle for them and because of them– too!!
  • Thrown out may not necessarily mean discarded.

Learn to live for your own self. Why learn then- shouldn’t that be natural? Not exactly; else, you wouldn’t have questioned what to do next.. Apparently, it’s your choice to be considered as desirable and wanted. Just do not forget- you are born alone; and die all alone.

  • Men are not the saviors

MAN stands for Manipulator. Woman- Warrior of Manipulator.

It was about time Sita demonstrated that.

Once understood; the rest was relatively easy. Sita had taken help of the same Vanara Sena who had sympathized with her “condition” and conquered both Rama Rajya and Lanka Nagri. Rama was sent on exile for the remainder of his Life. Ravana was jailed in the same wild with the same set of Demons guarding him and watching over.

It’s a matter of shame that “Ramayana” is a story of a women’s incessant sacrifices for her husband and yet be named as Ramayana.. Having said that- we need a new name for Ramayana– Sita Naari Pradhan.. or maybe- Sita Naari Katha..

Any Suggestions??

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7 responses to “Ramayana Retold

  1. pradip bhattacharya

    KR Srinivasa Iyengar has an epic in English, “Sitayana”. There is no discarding of Sita etc. in the original Ramayana. The 7th book (Uttarakanda) is a later addition. Chitra Chaturvedi’s new novel in Hindi is “Vaidehi ke Ram” (Vaidehi’s Rama). Read and see. You have missed out Madhavi, daughter of Yayati, who is handed over by her father as “dakshina” to sage Galava, who rents her out to 3 kings for producing a son each in return for 200 special horses, and then to his guru Vishvamitra as final guru-dakshina. Bhisham Sahni has a play, Chitra Chaturvedi has a superb novel and Subodh Ghosh has a brilliant short story on this.

    • Thank you Pradip,

      I haven’t really read the Ramayana in book, only remember whatever I saw on TV by Ramanand Sagar.
      Good you stopped by and gave a few references here. Would sure way try to look them up and know more about it.

      Really now- I guess our history and culture is full of such objective treatments towards women. Domestic Violence isn’t a newer evil, it’s roots are deeper than it may seem to be!

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  4. interesting 😉

    i never cared about the story.. there was something that i liked.. so i kept it for myself.. something that did not make sense.. so i kicked it out of my mind.. i am sure the story-myth-legend-or-whatever ramayana has been through tremendous modifications in millenniums…. and yea i do feel that great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharta were more focused on WOMAN – the higher being. One who can give away without a reason.. one who can wait even if the end is nowhere visible..

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