Retired Group Captain or Colonel

Below are the two articles covered by TOI and HT (respectively). Note the discrepancy in reporting the Rank of the Officer..


Times Of India- 3rd September, 2010

GURGAON: Eight robbers broke into the home of a retired colonel in Sector 7, stabbed the elderly man several times and escaped with jewellery and cash worth lakh on Thursday.

Police said the incident took place around 4 am. “The victim, Ashokpal, and his wife were sleeping in the bedroom on the first floor of their house. One of the goons entered through a window on the ground floor after taking out the rods. He then opened the main gate and let in his accomplices. They ransacked the rooms on the ground floor and then moved upstairs,” said Sanjeev Balhara, SHO, Sector 5 police station.

The police said the robbers tore the bedsheets in the ground floor bedrooms and used them to cover their faces. They woke up 63-year-old Ashokpal and his wife and forced them to reveal where the cash and jewellery were kept, the SHO said.

Ironically, Ashokpal had shifted to this house only five days back. “We were woken up by the robbers. It was so horrifying to see the masked men brandishing knives, pistols and rods. They asked us to hand over the keys to the almirah. Though my wife told them where the keys were, I said I will raise an alarm. This irked them and one of the robbers stabbed me three to four times. They tied our hands with the bed sheets,” he recounted. He said the robbers took away Rs 35,000 in cash and jewellery worth Rs 4 lakh.

The criminals stayed in the house for about 40 to 45 minutes and locked the couple from outside before escaping. The victims called up the police from their mobile phone.

The police said Ashokpal received wounds on his chest and arm and was taken to a nearby private hospital for treatment. He was discharged after primary treatment.

The police are still clueless about the identity of the criminals. “We have registered a case against the unidentified criminals under sections 395 (punishment for dacoity), 397 ( Robbery, or dacoity, with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt) and 457 (lurking house trespass or house-breaking by night in order to commit offence) of the IPC,” said Balhara.

The incident comes a month after a businessman’s family was held captive and robbed by five criminals in Sector 15. The police are yet to make a breakthrough in the case.


Hindustan Times- 3rd September, 2010- No information could be googled online. Refer the scanned image of the News Report as printed on the cover page.

Note- Sanjeev Shuja is the same correspondent, who I had forwarded the Dilli Haat Public Smoking Offence Complaint. He had refused to put that across. Only a few weeks back, I had reported about Public Servants being unavailable. Chew It– Palam Vihar, Gurgaon Police Station landline was disconnected due to non- payment of Telephone Bill. He had not only changed the name of the caller, but also not printed across other related mis- informations.

Scanned Image of the article in HT- 3rd September, 2010


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  2. Sounds like things that happen here. Sad, I hope they find these animals and gvie them the punishment required by law….John

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