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Tribute to Trolls- II

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The snap shots captured here are the comments received on my blog!
Thankfully the moderator was on and hence it didn’t get posted. They had cleared SPAM check and sat under “Pending”. You may click on the image for an enlarged view.

Like most of the other bloggers; I too have received as many SPAM in different languages ranging from enlarge you “pen!$” to invites to porn sites. Why I am baffled is because the level of such spams (language/content) has fallen invariably. Since ob of these were in vernacular; I could try reading the matter! “Anil” Sharma happens to be a male name; yet has posted comments being a girl..

It’s no big deal. Just that I am beyond amazement reading such trolls. Apparently, it’s not your email or cellphone SP who needs to act.. these worms are everywhere!



I am thinking. Next time any one offends me by sending stupid sms without identity; I am going to publish those here. Cellphone number, details and snap shot included.



Tribute to Trolls

Yay!! I am ready to press a post.....


What the F!#@!#@$

"Over- pouring" Readers' Comments


Alright. Guys..,

Go to hell....

Why do I Blog??

Source- Hindustan Times- Brunch, 18th July, 2010

A loving Husband’s email to his Wife

This one’s a quirky sms/text that I have received from Varuna; my best friend’s, sister-in-law’s daughter and a very sweet little friend of mine.
Read On…………..

A man sends an email from his Hotel Room to his wife. Apparently, while typing, he keyed in an incorrect email address…………

Somewhere else, a widow had just come back home from her husband’s funeral. Not knowing what to do, she sat by her computer trying to check their Wedding Pictures. An email beep sounded and she fainted screaming seconds thereafter…………..

Hearing her scream, her daughter rushed in to check on her mother. An email message sat open on her computer screen reading:

My Dear Loving Wife,

I know you would be so surprised reading this email. It was nice of them to have arranged for computers for all of us in our rooms and we could send notes to our loved ones. I have just arrived and now going for shower. I’ll then see to it that everything’s arranged for your arrival tomorrow………..

Your Beloved Husband