Olivia @ Bell Bajao.Org

As a part of growing up, I have been conditioned to not to submit to any form of Injustice & be equipped to stand up & against it. Growing up I underwent what we now have recognized as Domestic Violence & may be beyond that. I am now a Grown- Up Individual in the same Society as others dwell in.

I didn’t know of any Platform to get my Writes across on. Approached several Newspapers & Channels & got dismissed- Nevermind, or maybe that is the Practice  🙂

Couple of years back Sampada introduced me to one SNS, I signed up nevertheless. I was delighted to see my School Friends sending in requests for “Friendship”-  that they anyways were & still are.

2 years or so back, I noticed Sanjukta’s Profile on my Friend’s Friend List (phew..!!) & I sent her a Request to link, she did. Back then there used to be a small space to write about yourself. She read my Writes & appreciated. I read her Writes & felt there was more than that..

After a Deep Slumber of those 2 wasted years..

I requested her for her number via email, spoke with her when she happen to mention of WordPress (a link thats on her emails too)..  Then, couple of days later, I read about some Blog of someone appreciating Indian Food on WordPress again in HT City.. & that just did it.

Here I am; you reading my Writes.. & Sanjukta then referring my Writes to Bell Bajao.org.. Thats not all, every time I post a Write, she spreads the Thread across everywhere possible.

  • There couldn’t have been any better Appreciation & Recognition for my Thoughts that reflects in My Writes..

Here are the Links to such Writes and Comments

What does it mean to really help make a change..

Domestic Violence Act-Please Redefine


4 responses to “Olivia @ Bell Bajao.Org

  1. Greetings my friend. I herein attempt to reconnect with my “Kindred Spirits”
    So please take a peek at http://wp.me/p1gorC-5v and give me some feedback.

  2. thank-you for visiting my blog this past week… i’m here nosing around and am very curious… i’ve read for about an hour,earlier this morninging and now… can’t wait to really dive in… 🙂

    • OMG.. your comment is so sweet.. I am honored to have you around.. I am managing 3 Blogs as of now- links given in “My Other Blogs” section.. 😀
      Thanks for stopping by Dear Friend.. Love xox

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