About the Author

About Me

  • I love myself the Most.
  • I Don’t accept things without understanding.
  • I own all that a woman would envy and everything else- that a man would want to possess.

My Blog Space

  • This is where I speak my heart and express my mind out through words to reach out to one and all..
  • I used to write when I was small. Wrote a few Fictions, Short Stories and one Translation in On Spot Writing Contest; I won them all and was praised. Times changed and it halted..
  • That was then; here, you would get to read My Thoughts, My Ideas, My Vision and ME.
  • I am- OLIVIA

Born on: 11th August, 1977

  • Nationality: INDIAN
  • Religion: HUMAN
  • Hometown: Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Asia
  • Political Views: !@$*(&&%$@!
  • Religious Views: Spiritual, not religious


  • Late Ms. Jyotsna Sankei
  • Dad “Absconding” since 1989

Feel free to Comment in the Comment Box. You could also write to me=> freakoutwitholivia [at] gmail [dot] com

Passions or I like to:

  • Sing- I can & actually do. Have been awarded several times. Couldn’t pursue it as a career.
  • Paint- I am a qualified Textile Designer. I paint, draw, sketch and pretty neat.
  • Write- Currently Here
  • (take up) CHALLENGES- My lifes full of them,
  • comment on freaks- Check https://readolivia.wordpress.com/
  • Do some samaj sudhar job (the revolutionist)- Check – THIS BLOG
  • Break bones of nonsense makers- Would soon post
  • Make Handicrafts- Would post the pics soon
  • Cook- I am a Foodie
  • Listen to music- That reminds me- it’s been long